Angie Petersen

Property Manager

Angie entered the real estate industry at a young age and quickly took interest in the property management side of the business which is where her professionalism, meticulous nature and experience shines. She gains a sense of satisfaction in delivering exceptional customer service by building rapport and long term relationships with clients. Angie always aims to negotiate the best outcome for all involved and her adaptable, efficient and attentive manner is highly regarded.

Having lived in Rockhampton all her life, Angie has been in a good position to keep up to date with relevant market changes in relation to your investment propertiesAngie is a true professional and a caring individual who goes above and beyond the expectations of her clients and co-workers. There is nothing she won’t do to try and help those in need and has the ideal leadership attitude you would wish for in a Property Manager.

Above all, Angie is a very valued team member and a confident mentor for the entire property management team.