Riley Neaton

Sales Associate to David Bell

Real estate agents today are noticeably different from in the past. Many of the industry’s most successful agents are younger, highly educated, have an abundance of energy, optimism, enthusiasm and possess the intrinsic motivation it takes to become highly successful. 

Riley Neaton is the epitome of the new age of real estate and a shining example of the aforementioned qualities. 

Riley is dynamic and highly motivated. He understands and practices the keys to achieving the best possible result for his clients. Success for his sellers is earned through hard work, skilled negotiation, relentless follow up and qualification of buyers, together with world class service and dedication to being the best.

Riley brings an abundance of knowledge and skills that exceed that of many agents twice his age. Riley purchased his first home at 18, and is currently in the process of renovating his second investment property. That along with his 7 years of construction experience and gaining his qualification as a carpenter means that Riley completely understands the process from ground up.