Add Value to Rockhampton Real Estate with Sustainable Design

ByDavid Bell

Those looking to sell property in Rockhampton are likely exploring ways they can add value to their investment and attract interest from potential buyers.

While the usual advice applies, such as repairing any broken fixtures and sprucing up the interior design, one improvement in particular could give your property more than just a face lift.

According to Cameron Frazer, general manager of Archicentre, investing in sustainable design features such as solar panels and rainwater tanks could take the value of your property to the next level.

Mr Frazer believes the demand for sustainable design is expected to increase as electricity prices continue to rise. Features such as solar panels offer homeowners an opportunity to reduce their reliance on energy companies and save money.

"Investors and homeowners recognise that being able to design a sustainable home will save them thousands of dollars in the future and also add extra value to the home when it is sold with the value going up as energy and water prices continue to rise," Mr Frazer explained.

He added that sustainable design is also being actively promoted by real estate agents due to it being "a substantial money-making investment and a lifestyle trend".

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