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Sellers Guide

Getting the Best Price for Your Home
Each Ray White Rockhampton representative is an experienced, highly-trained professional. However, you can help even the best sales consultant to perform better for you, through a few simple steps.
If your home is presented well, the sooner it will fetch the price you want!

Here are 10 simple ways to make sure you get the best price:

  1. Trim your lawns and gardens. This will be the prospective buyer’s first impression of your place. Make it a good one. You don’t have to try for any ‘tidy towns’ prizes – just keep the grounds looking reasonable and neat.
  2. Shampoo the carpets. You may be surprised at how much more “life” they have after an extra good cleaning. And the brighter everything looks, the better your chances are of selling.
  3. A once-over for the walls. Grubby little hand marks may be a fact of life, but they’re some of the worst offenders in taking the edge off an otherwise attractive home. Wash and scrub the walls if necessary or even consider painting those that look that worst.
  4. Check the guttering. It’s an easy point for buyers to spot, so this is one to watch out for. Make sure there are no leaves hanging over, there’s no peeling paint or water staining. And while you’re at it, give under the eaves an extra good brushing for cobwebs.
  5. Clean out the garage and shed. These are the places where you’ve thrown everything you didn’t know what to do with over the years. You may be used to the mess, however a prospective buyer may find it off-putting. Since you’ll be moving anyway, it makes sense to have a clean out now. Good storage space is always an important selling point, so ensuring it is neat and tidy is well worth the effort.
  6. The Kids rooms. Everybody understands that kids are messy. So maybe this is one area where you can be a little more relaxed. Just make sure there are not toys scattered around the floor.
  7. Open up the windows. The brighter a room is, the bigger it looks. So always leave drapes and curtains open. Clean the windows and insect screens to let more light in.
  8. The kitchen and laundry. Now is the time to be even more fussy than you normally are in these two very important areas. It is no exaggeration to say that the kitchen and laundry can make or break a sale. Clean the oven, polish the sink, give your cupboards and pantry a spring clean.
  9. Flowers to set the scene. You’d put out flowers for visitors, well a prospective buyer is a very important visitor. Make a point of having a few well-stocked vases strategically placed to highlight the features of your home’s living areas.
  10. The Ray White Sign. We’ll advise you on the best location for maximum effect. You can help by making sure you keep it clear of foliage and shrubs. After all, the buyer for your home could drive by at any time.

These are just a few little things that can help to sell your home.

10 Qualities to look for in an agent

What should you look for in an agent? If an agent doesn’t check out in the affirmative to any of the following, they are probably not worth considering.

Good agents can give you a realistic guide on what you can expect for your property. You probably have a sale figure in mind; however, your agent should honestly inform you how realistic this figure might be based on market conditions and local supply and demand.

  • The agent you choose should have excellent advice regarding how best to promote your property for sale. Their knowledge of local communication channels and how to obtain the greatest coverage for your property should be unparalleled in the area.
  • Your agent should be able to present your property in the best possible light to potential purchasers and also be able to advise you on the best presentation techniques.
  • The agent should have excellent negotiation skills as a basic pre-requisite.
  • Never forget that the agent always works for you as the seller – not any prospective buyers.
  • A good agent will advise you what to do, rather than tell you what to do.
  • Keep the attributes of reputation, experience and specialisation at the forefront when considering your agent options.
  • Part time agents tend to not be a good option. Full time agents will always be more attentive.
  • A good agent always has the highest ethical standards.
  • A good agent will assist with contract exchanges and advise regarding any potential legal complications.

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